an ode to the three marketeers..

Last Saturday I got involved in a Market Day. Oh what fun (but hard work)!

I should note here that markets run in my DNA and by that I mean, my mom and her sisters simply cannot go a weekend without cruising a market place. They literally walk until they drop. I never really understood the hype, they get back home all hot & flustered.. plonk themselves onto the bed in total admiration of their day well spent.
I think it’s more the atmosphere of the market places that keep ’em coming back rather than the bargains they find.

Having spent the morning setting up our stall at the market day, with a special thanks to my gorgeous & loveable baby sis (oh how much I love & appreciate her) we didn’t really have much time to browse around and check out the other stalls but later during the day did my rounds.

From what I gathered after a squizz round the little block, I know now the formula to a successful market day i.e. people come, they browse, they purchase, they linger a little longer, and then they leave… is 3A’s and a big fat F!

Atmosphere, Ambiance, Attitude, FOOD!

People run out when the food runs out… basic needs have to be met 🙂 always!
I’d love to set one up and see how that fairs 😉 pun intended. But that’s a blog for another occasion.

Anyhoo… my little cute as a button label for baby accessories, bibs & the blanky, has been doing really well (all praise). Moms have really taken to the fresh designs, dare I call it baby couture, it’s different, it’s cute, it’s something old that’s new again!

We met some really lovely ladies, made some great contacts, and slow & steady building up a promising customer base. All so exciting!

Based on the outcome and feedback I received on the day too, I’m jazzing up my spring & summer collections of baby goodies and likely will be doing another market day soon, maybe before the Eid & Christmas rush. After that I’d tag myself a #marketeer #stallerballer, lol.

Watch this space… exciting things in the pipeline and I hope to meet you all there again soon.

As with anything in life, gratitude is food for the soul so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you. I am blessed & honoured by your support.

Live your life with love..


first impressions last..

A beautifully packaged gift is not just that…. it says I care enough about you coz I’ve taken the time to give you a well presented gift. It says you’re special to me that’s why I made an effort to package my gift to suit your style.

Personalized gifts are special. No matter who or what we are, we all appreciate a gorgeously packaged gift.

Contact me via….. I specialize in gift packaging for engagements, weddings, proposals, baby showers… any occasion can be as special as you want it to be.

Live your life with love


teach a man to fish..

Food makes the world go round!

I enjoy cooking. My family & friends have been telling me for years that my food is always good. It’s a funny thing, I taste my food and yes, agree with them, it tastes good. But I’ve never had the confidence to really believe it’s as good as they say… I suppose because if you’re not a cordon bleu chef with a few years of culinary experience in today’s world then you don’t really know food (is the mindset, I guess).

Anyhoo, I like trying new recipes or rather, taking ideas from various people and places and doing a fusion of sorts, lol.

I’m not the kinda cook who does measurements, I literally just throw in what I think would work well and somehow, it just works. They say cooking is a genetic thing, not too sure about that but if so then my sisters and I could be testament to that, My brother has a great hand too, makes a mean mutton curry!

My parents cooked fabulously! It was always difficult to diet at home! My dad absolutely LOVED cooking, the art of cooking and just feeding people altogether. My mom is a fantastic cook & baker…. she’s always trying new things and some of her dishes to this day, people still talk about…growing up I didn’t really spend much time in the kitchen but with mom & dad always cooking up a storm, I’d cast my eye over the pot now & then with a quick 2min lesson from them.

So back to now…. I think a great recipe is something that’s quick & easy with great bold flavour. Softer flavours are just as tantilising. When you start eating healthy & living healthy your senses are heightened and any flavour becomes all the more intense.

A great recipe is one that’s not overly complicated only because, as delectable as food can be people can polish it up in a matter of minutes! I don’t see the point in slaving away for hours to have it gobbled up in minutes with only the memory of an amazing dish. Also, unless this is your profession and you have the time to be in a kitchen all day (which is hard hard work I tell you!) then sure, a 25step dish is doable.

So in a nutshell…. I love food & food loves me, we have a beautiful relationship 🙂.

The pics featured in this post come from our version of #comedinewithmeSA. It was loads of fun! A group of friends getting together preparing meals & rating the lot… we had some #cashmoney in the pot & home-edited video put together for the grand finale. My sis and I had a theme, black & yellow!

As this blog progresses I’ll share some of my quick and easy recipes with you, and if followed correctly, it’s going to be delish!

Live your life with love…


the sugar-free bread pud

So I was feeling under the weather not too long ago & my precious mom pampered me to good health again… bless her soul! She made this amazing bread pudding, perfect dessert for a cold winter’s night. Traditional, rustic & classic!

She was so cute, looked at her pud and said “hmm.. why don’t you take a pic for your #instaNTgram”.
I posted the pic & was delighted by the amount of interest it generated so off I trotted to mom and got her to give me the recipe.

She was more than happy to share and also offered up some more but that I’ll share all in good time 🙂

I would so love to pass this recipe on verbatim as that was just such a funny episode on it’s own. My mom is just the funniest & most wonderful soul!

So.. got bread, got eggs, got milk… you’ve got yourself a traditional Bread Pudding. These ingredients form the base of this dish of delish!

5 x slices of white bread (trimmed crusts)

4 x eggs (beat well)

750ml whole milk, add vanilla essence or bean for more flavour (Nestle cream may be added for extra creaminess but not needed at all) – add to milk to eggs

Add cinnamon sticks to liquid mix (you may also add some cardamom for an extra spicy flavour)

Then take the bread slices, add to the liquid mixture and crush to have chunks of bread in the liquid

Place your mixture into a dish, add some chunks of butter in between with 5tsp of apricot / strawberry jam.

Dust cinnamon powder on top & add some orange zest for a twist.

Bake for 30min at 180 deg C

Job done! Enjoy!

#sasta.. aka the salad pasta

Meals in 15min is a dream come true for any woman! Whether you’re at the office all day and dash home to prep dinner or you’re entertaining friends and want to whip up a quick but good looking meal… here’s the perfect dish!

It literally takes 15min prep and cook time.

Get a pan on the stove, add some olive oil. While it’s heating up, pull out some chicken fillet & veggies from the fridge Start slicing, julienne style and this includes the chicken… slice these into thin strips as this will massively cut down the cook time and your veggies will need a quick saute as opposed to a longer cook through. It goes without saying, everything needs to be washed before it’s cooked.

Chicken fillet, red pepper, mushrooms, spring onion, carrot, cucumber, pecans, sesame seeds.

Crush & finely slice a clove of garlic and add to the olive oil with a few leaves from a sprig of thyme. Keep your eye on this as you want it to flavour the oil and not burn. Here already you’re starting to get a garlic & lemon infused oil.

On the side, spice up your chicken strips. I use a bit of crushed red chilli flakes for a little heat, salt, pepper, fresh coriander, a dash of orange juice for a bit of acidity.

Add your finely sliced red pepper to the oil & get a good sizzle going. Then add in the spring onion. Now add the chicken strips, let that cook for 5min. Depending on the size & heat of the pan and the amount of chicken, this time will vary. Now go ahead and add in the mushrooms, fold in well to coat the mushrooms with all the rich flavours. Finally, add in the finely grated carrot which offer a sweet flavour that lingers in the mouth.

While all this is going on you would have been boiling the pasta…

Get an oven dish and mix all your cooked ingredients (I like to add a few drops of roasted sesame oil for an extra nutty flavour). Grate some cheese on top and drizzle with pecans and sesame seeds. Give it a quick grill in the oven to melt the cheese and lightly roast the nuts.

Once that’s out, decorate with ribbons of cucumber and some red pepper for added colour.

Depending on how much you eat, this is a healthy meal. For a super healthy take, replace the gouda cheese with parmesan and the white pasta with a wholewheat version.

Et voila! Job done! Enjoy!